Nicole Maines Suits Up As Dreamer For Supergirl

Newcomer Nia Nal, portrayed by Nicole Maines, has made a splash on this season of ‘Supergirl’, but her role is about to become elevated, as she adopts her superheroic identity as Dreamer.

Though she will not put on the new uniform in the same episode, the January 27 episode, entitled “Blood Memory,” will depict Nia going back to her home town and recalling when her powers, the ability to dream of the future, first manifested.

She will not don the Dreamer super suit until the episode airing on February 17, but you can check it out below:

The suits on The CW’s comic book shows have evolved and that shows here.  While Nia’s suit is tactical and athletic, it looks a lot more comfortable than some of the bulkier, early superhero suits, which had a more leathery feel.

The character Nia Nal is loosely inspired by the Legion of Superheroes’ Nura Nal/Dream Girl.  It has been established that on the show, that Nura is a descendant of Nia’s and that Brainiac-5 is familiar with her in the future.  Nura’s classic costume is essentially a silver leotard.  Nia’s costume takes no real influence from the comic book costume, but that’s hardly a surprise.

Maines and her character Nia have had a major impact on ‘Supergirl’ as she has been taken under the wing of Kara Danvers/Supergirl.  Expect that to increase as Nia adopts her Dreamer identity.  She may also grow closer to Brainy in upcoming episodes.

Transgender actor Maines gained a lot of attention for being cast to play a superhero character that is also transgender.

As she said when she had first been cast:

“It feels incredible. It feels unreal. Surreal. Insane. I mean, aside from being the first trans superhero, just being superhero is so crazy. Getting to bring trans activism and awareness into such a mainstream channel like superheroes, which have always been at the core of our society’s culture…that’s nuts, man. That’s nuts!


“Nia Nal is a new reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media. She is taken under Kara’s wing, and she has that same optimism and that wide-eyed-ingenue feel that Kara had in season one, but she also has this inert drive to help people, to see justice done, to right wrongs and to help the little guy. She’s so likeable and funny. She’s adorable.”

Are you excited to see Nia suited up as Dreamer in upcoming episodes of ‘Supergirl’?

Source: TV Line