Star Trek Picard

RUMOR ALERT: The information below is not confirmed and based on conjecture, so take it with a grain of salt.

CBS All Access may have decided on a title for the upcoming series starring Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  According to a write up from Production Weekly, it looks as though this series will be known as ‘Star Trek: Destiny’.  The show listed by that name is scheduled to start production on April 14, which matches the time frame when producers stated they expected to start shooting, “mid-April.”

In October, CBS registered the name ‘Star Trek’ with five different subtitles; ‘Revolution’, ‘Starfleet Academy’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Reliant’, ‘Ceti Alpha V’, and ‘Lower Decks’.  ‘Lower Decks’ is the name of an adult-targeted animated series from ‘Rick & Morty’ co-creator Mike McMahan.  ‘Ceti Alpha V’ is a Khan miniseries scripted by Nicholas Meyer.  There is also a kid-targeted animated series coming to Nickelodeon.  Very little is known about this project, but based on the tiny amount that is known, ‘Starfleet Academy’ sounds like it would work.

Neither Paramount nor CBS All Access has made any official announcement regarding the title of the Picard series, so this is just conjecture.  These names could belong to other projects that are in development, but that we don’t know about.  And there is always the possibility that some of them may never happen.

For their part, CBS and the show’s producers have stated that this show doesn’t have a name yet.  Not that they are keeping it hidden, but that it doesn’t have one at all yet.

In a related note, it has been reported that for now, the Picard show is using the shooting name ‘Drawing Room’.

In other news, it was just announced that Santiago Cabrera and Michelle Hurd have been cast to join Stewart on his adventures.  Cabrera plays a thief and a starship pilot, while Hurd plays a “brilliant analyst” with a dark past involving drugs and alcohol abuse.

What do you think of the name ‘Star Trek: Destiny’ for the Picard spinoff?