Star Trek: Discovery

We’ve already seen that Section 31 plays a huge role in ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ and a new featurette for the series is telling us even more details about this mysterious organization. It has always been cloaked in secrecy and now, thanks to CBS All Access, we’re finding out even more about what they’re really up to.

Section 31 was introduced in the sixth season of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and has been an interesting organization ever since we found out about them. In the featurette, you’ll hear from Alex Kurtzman explain that ‘unlike Starfleet, which has very clear rules and regulations, Section 31 operates in grey areas. They bend the rules, and they try not to break them, but ultimately given the threats that are coming in season 2, the challenge for Section 31 is to figure out how to protect our freedoms without violating them.”

You can watch “Moments Of Discovery: Inside Section 31” right here! In it, “The cast and crew discuss everything that went into bringing the black-ops organization Section 31 to Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery.”


It is interesting to hear prop master Mario Moreira share that everything we’ve seen was spawned from the dark badges that each member uses. I really think Michelle Yeoh’s take on Section 31 is the best when she shares that, “it’s like walking around in dominatrix gear all the time and having so much fun with it.”

It is clear that Section 31 will have an important role to play in the second season but how much of it will be actively saving Starfleet and how much will be diving into who and what they are still remain to be seen. I’m really hoping we find out more about how their technology is as advanced as it is compared to the rest of Starfleet. The hints we’ve been given so far just haven’t been enough!

Are you happy that ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has been giving us more details on the origins and plans of Section 31? Do you feel that even more information will surface in the upcoming season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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