The team at Diamond Select Toys have never been known as ones to slack off when it comes to bringing amazing new products to the shelves. This year at New York Toy Fair 2016 they showed that now more than ever as they lead the pack with a variety of amazing new statues and busts based on some of your favorite properties!

Last year, DST announced that they were bringing back their Marvel Premiere Collection statue line! This year at New York Toy Fair they showed off some of the newest pieces that are coming up in the line, Gamora of Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ and Rogue of ‘X-Men’ fame! These are both due out in Fall 2016.

marvel premium statues

Also, on display were quite a few new pieces from their Marvel Gallery PVC Figure collection! On display for this line were some great new pieces like The Hulk, Spiderman, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Medusa, Lady Deadpool, and Thor (Jane Foster)!

marvel statues

While he was displayed slightly farther from the other Marvel Gallery PVC Figures, it was impossible to miss the upcoming movie-styled Antman PVC Figure that’s coming our way later this year!

marvel antman

If Marvel isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Diamond Select Toys also has plenty of cool new stuff coming out for DC Comics fans from their DC Animated line! If you’re into ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, ‘Superman: The Animated Series’, or ‘Justice League’, you’re in for a real treat with some of this year’s offerings! Check out these new busts from the various DC Animated Universe series we just mentioned like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and Hawkgirl!

dcau jusitce league busts

Also on the way from ‘Batman The Animated Series’ are several additional pieces to their minibust line. New on the scene are Scarecrow, Robin (Carrie Kelly), and the massive new Manbat bust!

dcau btas busts

In case you wanted something a bit larger than a minibust, DST is bringing forth several pieces from ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ as large scale Gallery PVC Figures! First up is the most obvious piece in the line, Batman himself!

dcau batman

Fans of The Joker won’t be too disappointed to hear that we also have a new Joker PVC figure coming in the ‘BTAS’ Gallery line!

dcau joker

We also can look forward to a special ‘Lawyer Harley Quinn’ figure in the ‘BTAS’ Gallery PVC Figure line!

dcau lawyer harley

Just on the off chance that none of these have been the right fit for you, maybe you’ll like the new Catwoman PVC figure that was also on display from the BTAS Gallery line!

dcau catwoman

If ‘Batman’ isn’t really your thing, but you love DC Comics heroes, maybe Superman is more up your alley? Diamond Select Toys took the opportunity to premiere their all new Superman figure from the all new ‘Superman: The Animated Series’ Gallery PVC Figure line at Toy Fair!

dcau superman

Finally, while not technically a statue, Diamond Select also premiered a very unique new piece over the weekend with their 1:1 scale Shakespeare Bust vinyl bank. This piece is a life-sized prop-replica of the Shakespeare bust used on the classic ‘Batman ’66’ live-action television series, so now you can display it in your home or on your work desk, feel super cool, and store your loose change all at the same time!

batman shakespear

Be sure to stay tuned to all this week for all of the latest news coming out of New York Toy Fair 2016!