A week ago we reported that ‘Rings’ was likely set to be a prequel to the franchise and like many of you, I was not too happy about that! Today I am quite happy to tell you that we can officially shoot that rumor right down as director F. Javier Gutiérrez (‘Before the Fall’) took to Twitter to clarify that the widely circulated rumor was indeed false. While he does tell us that it isn’t a prequel, he does also state there is still no solid direction on where he will be going with the film quite yet. All we really know is that Matilda Lutz is set to be the lead while Alex Roe (‘The 5th Wave’) will be the male lead and play Lutz’s boyfriend. We’ll see him ending up distancing himself from her after she sees Samara presumably on tape.

Let’s see what new he gave away about ‘Rings’ on Twitter!

So as previously mentioned this shouldn’t be a reboot for the series and on top of that won’t be a prequel! That is some great news if you ask me. We know that we won’t have to worry about Samara once again going through her origin story though I suspect we’ll get a mini-version of how she is now in whatever new medium she will now be cursing people through. I have a sneaky suspicion that it may still end up beginning on a tape before the lead character transfers her onto a new medium in order to survive. Either that or we could call it ‘Rings: The Search For Someone Who Owns A VCR’! Hopefully it isn’t something as generic as online streaming though I can’t imagine what aside from DVD’s they would end up using aside from that or cell phone footage. He also gave a tease to Instagram of preparing for the film!

Okay, so yes there is a ‘ring’ for his treadmill but I believe that is just him working out and not something we can plan to see in the film. Or is it? Maybe Samara has been busy working out since the last film for her eventual return through modern day media? Maybe it’ll be a montage of ring like images? Doubtful! However, you never know.

Are you happy to hear that ‘Rings’ won’t be a prequel and instead will be a sequel after all? What media format(s) do you think she’ll be cursing new people with in the film? Share your thoughts below!

‘Rings’ is set to haunt theaters on November 13th, 2015

Source: Dread Central