Cloak & Dagger

With Thanos’s snap killing half of the Marvel TV shows in existence (i.e. all of the shows on Netflix now cancelled), one might forget that the streaming giant was but one source for Marvel television content. Luckily for the fans, last year Marvel and Freeform took a gamble and produced ‘Cloak and Dagger,’ a show which few really thought would do all that well considering it would be a Marvel superhero show released on Freeform and would be about a couple of teenagers, yet the series managed to prove most of its naysayers wrong. Freeform proved to be an excellent choice for the series, especially once fans realized all one could get away with on the young network (if you still don’t believe me, check out their other hit series, ‘Grownish,’ where the characters both do and talk about a number of things that would NOT have been acceptable on one of the big network stations, or even on that network back when it was ABC Family).

Now, ‘Cloak and Dagger’ Season 2 is poised to come out on April 4th, and Marvel has released a brand-new trailer to get fans excited for what they have in store for the sophomore season of the show. Aside from committing more fully to the “superhero” aspects (made clear by the trailer), and diving into a story-line where they are fighting against sex-trafficking in their city, the show is also showing Detective Brigid O’Reilly as Mayhem, the new vigilante in town who challenges Tandy and Tyrone’s moral notions of right and wrong. The trailer leans heavily into the theme of things not being clearly “black and white” (a little on the nose, but I’m ok with it), and all in all, looks like the second season has a lot going on, and will not simply be a bunch of dumb action scenes or angsty teenage drama. Freeform seems to have a winner on their hands with ‘Cloak and Dagger!’

Check out the trailer for yourself after the jump and feel free to share your thoughts on Season 2 in the comments below!