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Ryan Murphy is mixing his anthology series cast as he is bringing Billie Lourd who was previously seen on ‘Scream Queens’ to the seventh season of ‘American Horror Story.’ Lourd will be joining returning stars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters alongside newcomer Billy Eichner. The show is going with a slightly different setting than what we’re used to but I suspect it will still play out somewhat the same.

Unsurprising to all, at this time her role and how she will interact with the rest of the cast remains a mystery. On ‘Scream Queens’ she had previously worked with Emma Roberts who has been on ‘American Horror Story’ so it might be fun if Murphy decided to bring her back as well.

With the upcoming season set to play out after and potentially during the events of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, it will be interesting to see how much political commentary we get mixed in with our horror this year. While it could very well just be the backdrop for the series it feels like at least some social commentary would have to make its way in.

Executive producer Tim Minear says that the idea for season 7 is “completely bats” which means I’m sure we’ll be in for some twists and surprises no matter how it plays out. As Murphy has increasingly connected all of his seasons, I’m also wondering what character we might see return if he keeps up this tradition.

Are you looking forward to Billy Lourd joining the cast of ‘American Horror Story?’ What kind of a role do you think she’ll have? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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