star trek: discovery klingon

Creators of ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ insist that they are trying to stay true to the original vision of the series have now shared that the Klingons on the series will speak Klingon! While some have taken offense at the new Starfleet uniforms and look of the Klingons which aren’t really something we’ve seen before, this will be good news for Trekkies everywhere.

The news came from the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel where we learned from executive producer Gretchen J. Berg that the Klingons dialogue would be subtitled. Fans who have learned the Klingon language will be able to understand what is being said. With both books and courses to learn Klingon out there, it is clear that some fans are going to have a pay off for learning it.

As the series is set in the past, we’ll be seeing the warlike race which fans have known and loved over the years as it wasn’t until ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ that we actually saw how an alliance with the Federation had started to reshape their culture. Even as allies, the Klingon Empire has always still been looking for honorable ways to do battle as often as possible.

Here, we’re going to get to see them in their prime during the Klingon and Federation cold war. They aren’t going to be portrayed as the “thugs” of the universe and will, in fact, show us quite a bit of their culture. In fact, their conflict won’t be done in the first season, so we’ll be getting a much more in-depth look at who they were as a people and not just have them shown as villains.

Do you know Klingon and are happy to hear that the language can finally be put to use? What are your thoughts on learning more about Klingon culture in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? Share your thoughts below!

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ premiers on September 24, 2017 on CBS.

Source: Trek Movie Twitter