Echo Kellum Arrow

Watchers were startled during the most recent episode of ‘Arrow‘, when Team Arrow member Curtis Holt/Mister Terrific left Star City for a job in Washington DC.  In reality, actor Echo Kellum chose to leave the series after four seasons in order to spend more time with his kids and to pursue other professional options.  But executive producer/showrunner Beth Schwartz assures that the door remains open for Kellum to return in the future.

“I love working with Echo, who is an absolute delight and joy.  Echo has always brought humor and heart to Arrow. Curtis is such a fun character to write for and he’ll be greatly missed. We haven’t seen the last of Mr. Terrific.”

As for Kellum himself, he reflected on his time on ‘Arrow’ saying:

“First of all, I love working on this show. I love the cast, the producers. It’s the best cast I’ve ever worked with, the best studio. They’ve taken such great care of me and made me feel like I’ve been there since season 1. So all of this has been very bittersweet because I actually feel very crestfallen, because it’s so tough to leave such an amazing show. But I think for me, it just boiled down to family, and also I just wanted to try a couple of creative ventures in my life. I’m working on music, directing, and writing now. I still love acting, but it’s something I’m not looking at as the top thing of my career anymore. I’m looking at my career in a different light.


“You know, Warner Bros. and the network were so generous to be able to let me exit gracefully. What I will say, this isn’t the end of Curtis. I’ll definitely come back as much as they want me back, and visit and guest-star and whatnot. So, it’s not the end of him. I guess it’s really a family decision overall, just to be a little closer to my kids. I’ve been around my kids more during the school parts of the year the most that I have been in the last four years, even in the past month. It was definitely not an easy decision.


“I liked it because it’s still innately Curtis wanting to help other people. He’s leaving in a way where he can try to have a bigger impact in trying to help other people in the world. I really appreciate that, because I hope it leaves open the door for him to pop back in every once in a while until they get to their 300th episode. [laughs]


“I really like where they were going with him. I hope there can be some type of a future for him Arrowverse. It won’t be on an episodic basis, but I’m really proud of the work I got to do with this character and thankful that they let me play with him for four years.”

‘Arrow’ airs on The CW on Monday nights at 8 pm EST.  Are you sad to see Curtis go?

Source: Entertainment Weekly