Pet Sematary Stephen King

Fans have two more months to wait before the new adaptation of ‘Pet Sematary’ scares us silly in theaters! However, it sounds like Stephen King, the author who penned the original novel of the same name, has seen it, and has issued a warning to future viewers!

King shared a link to the film’s trailer, saying:

“This is a scary movie. Be warned.”


‘Pet Sematary’ tells the story of Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) who, after relocates from Boston to rural Maine with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children. Creed discovers a mysterious burial ground in the woods near the family’s new home. A sudden tragedy prompts Louis and his odd neighbor Jud Crandall (John Lithgow) to make some questionable decisions, putting themselves and the town at the mercy of an evil force.

King’s assurance that the remake will be just as scary as the original seems to coincide with a statement made by the film’s writer, Jeff Buhler, who wanted this to be the scariest King remake to date. Buhler said:

“I will say this, if you love the book, you’ll love this movie. [Directors] Dennis [Widmyer] and Kevin [Kolsch] are both such visionaries in terms of how they’ve approached it, from not only a horror standpoint but also a character standpoint, and it’s been really gratifying to work with those guys. I think we’re on track to it make one of the scariest Stephen King adaptations ever! That’s our goal anyway.”

The previous adaptation of ‘Pet Sematary’ was made in 1989, and Buhler made it clear that his film would serve as a new interpretation of the King’s novel, rather than a remake of the first film. He explained:

“When we first started our conversations, Dennis and Kevin and I really connected around the idea of bringing the story back to the source material, to find a modern telling of the book that really spoke to some of the big scenes and big moments that Stephen King had originally written. And as much as all of us are huge fans of the original film, there are moments that are larger than life and feel borderline campy. Our desire was to tell a really grounded, character-driven and psychologically horrific version of ‘Pet Sematary,/ which in my belief, is the scariest book that King ever wrote.”

‘Pet Sematary’ opens in theaters on April 5th