The upcoming Netflix series ‘Locke & Key’ has added two new cast members.  Thomas Mitchell Barnet has been cast as Sam Lesser and will be a series regular, while ‘Riverdale’s Asha Bromfield joins in a recurring dual role as Zadie and Zoe Wells.  They join a cast that already includes  Darby Stanchfield,  Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert ScottLaysla de Oliveira, Kevin Alves, Griffin GluckPetrice Jones, Sherri Saum, Kolton Stewart, and Steven Williams.

‘Locke & Key’ follows the Locke family, mother Nina (Stanchfield), and her three children Tyler (Jessup), Kinsey (Jones) and Bode (Scott), as they leave California after the death of Nina’s husband Rendell, and move into his family home in Massachusetts.  There, the kids discover a set of keys that grant them magical abilities and make them the target of demonic forces.

Barnet will play Sam Lesser, a troubled teen from an abusive home “who longs for a connection and will go to desperate lengths to find one.”  In the comics, he is a schoolmate of Tyler’s in San Francisco and sees Rendell, who works as the school’s guidance counselor.  Sam becomes the pawn of demon Dodge (de Oliveira) and his subsequent actions play a major role in the lives of the Locke family.

Barnet is a relative newcomer, but has appeared on ‘Saving Hope’, ‘Murdoch Mysteries’, and the Youtube Premium series ‘Wayne’.  He also performed as Balthazar in the 2018 filmed stage version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Asha Bromfield is confirmed as a recurring player and will play Zadie and Zoe Wells.  The only information provided is the description of Zadie: “a spunky, horror nerd and lone female member of the “Savini Squad” — that is, until Kinsey Locke arrives at Matheson Academy.”  Neither Zadie nor Zoe Wells are characters in the comic book, so it remains to be seen how large a role this winds up being.

Bromfield is probably best recognized for playing Melody Valentine, the drummer for Josie and the Pussycats, on ‘Riverdale’.  (She was the one who never did anything.)  She also co-starred in the low-budget horror movie ‘Killer High’, and has made numerous TV appearances on shows like ‘Slasher’, and Nickelodeon’s ‘Max and Shred’.

‘Locke & Key’ is based on the IDW comic book series of the same name, created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.  One version of the show’s pilot was created for Hulu, but that service passed.  Netflix then picked up the rights and ordered it straight-to-series, although they scrapped the original pilot and recast nearly the entire show, keeping only Jackson Robert Scott from the first cast.

Production appears to be growing closer, so it’s possible that ‘Locke & Key’ will be available to stream on Netflix later this year.

Source: Deadline