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We’ll soon have the third episode of the second season of Star Trek Discovery, entitled “Points of Light.”  Ahead of the episode’s release, CBS has given us six photos of the episode, as well as a synopsis and trailer.  Here’s the episode breakdown, in succinct terms:

A surprise visitor to the U.S.S. Discovery brings shocking news about Spock and dredges up past regrets for Burnham. Following the asteroid incident, Tilly struggles to keep a grip on her reality. L’Rell’s authority on Qo’noS is threatened.



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Seven signals appeared across the galaxy. New Episode 1 February.

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  • Will this be the episode where the ongoing Spocktease finally ends and we get to see Ethan Peck in action?
  • Two of the six photos below feature Michelle Yeoh’s return as the Mirrorverse Georgiou – could this episode be the beginning of the launching point for the new Section 31 series?
  • Follow-up: when can we get ourselves some Number One action back on the Enterprise?  Surely CBS didn’t bring Rebecca Romijn in for the role to have her not be present through most of the season.
  • Who’s the mysterious alien in the big bubble helmet?  Looks like one of Black Manta’s cousins from the ‘Aquaman’ film and comics…
  • After two episodes of not having any Klingons present, the skull-iest race in the galaxy makes its return.  Tyler, not appearing in the trailer but present in the photos below, looks like he may be the front man for a new Klingon boy bad, lets call them the Qapla’ Crew.
  • Mary Chieffo, in a recent interview, elaborated on what L’Rell’s story arc may entail: “I call it L’Rell’s personal Greek tragedy. … A Greek/Shakespearean kitchen-sink drama where L’Rell and Tyler are able to decompress from the events of the first season, get to talk a little bit more about everything that went on between them, and what their relationship can and should be now. Then, of course, L’Rell is also dealing with, on the macro level, grappling with being a leader and particularly being a female leader who is over-scrutinized by a lot of these male Klingons, championed by Mr. Patriarchal Jerk-face, Kol-Sha.”

Here are the photos from the episode.  “Points of Light” will debut on Thursday, January 31 at 8:00pm EST on CBS All Access.