The Witcher

Production of the Henry Cavill leading ‘The Witcher‘ for Netflix has been moving forward without many details coming out. However, new casting calls for the show from Extras Casting Agency has shared a bit at what kind of characters we can expect in the show. This “fantasy series” is looking for a few key people such as blacksmiths, little people, and those who might be missing limbs.

According to the casting call, the show will require:

November 11: “We’re looking for a fantasy series of people talking English. Casting now end of November / early December. Filming 2019 January or February.”

January 8: “By February 18th, we’re looking for men’s little men for Monday, Fantasy Series. Only with all day youuu! “

January 21: “By February 8th, we’re looking for little people for a fantasy series on Friday! The makeup and clothing branch with beards and costumes makes you look like Gimli from the take, or like Thorin from the hobbit! All day busy!”

They also have been looking for men who are missing limbs on December 11:

“Hey, guys. In The Fantasy Series, we have already mentioned, we are looking for a limb-deficient, 20-35-year Filming date: 2018.12.14. (night filming)”

Interestingly, night shoots and the date align with the photo Lauren shared on that day from what appeared to be a castle of some sorts. It must have been the Cintra massacre.

And lastly blacksmiths and people who can make leather ornaments:

“Blacksmiths, Leather Ornaments! We’re looking for a fantasy series for men with blacksmith and leather ornaments! Set Date: 2018.12.17.”

It sounds like the Cintra massacre will have some realistic fallout from the battle with actors who haven’t been CGI’d or had too much in the way of practical effects used to show the outcome of a full-scale attack. With the streaming giant already interested in delivering multiple seasons of this series, this could provide an interesting set of casting calls down the road as well.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Witcher’? What do you think about these recent casting calls for the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood