Steve Lightfoot Blade

While Netflix has another hit on their hands with ‘The Punisher‘, showrunner Steve Lightfoot knows that the streaming giant is likely to cancel the series in the near future and has his eyes set on another Marvel property to develop – Blade. While there is always a chance we could see the Netflix shows head over to Disney+ or another network if Walt Disney Studios is willing to shell out enough money, chances are each of these properties will be off the air for at least two years before Marvel can reboot them elsewhere.

With that in mind, Lightfoot wants to bring another antihero to life in the most infamous vampire hunter which Marvel has ever created.

Assuming that ‘The Punisher’ doesn’t come back to take down more criminals, Lightfoot has let fans know that:

“I think, again, this is just me, I have zero idea where any of these things are, but I’m a big Blade fan. I would always be excited to see that one done for TV, I think you could do an amazing television version of that.”

In another interview, he also stated that:

“I have no idea who owns it, but I’ve always loved the Blade Character. I think that would be a great one to come back with. I thought those movies were great and I love that mythology. I’m a big horror fan, and as a fan of that it would be a fun one to play around with.”

Many fans will find it hard to imagine ‘Blade’ without having Wesley Snipes wearing the fangs, but it has been long enough for a reboot to not feel out of place for the property. On top of that, Marvel has been producing some top-notch content, and if Lightfoot has the same leeway on the series as he has with ‘The Punisher,’ I think we could be in for something special.

Would you like to see Steve Lightfoot be able to bring ‘Blade’ to life if ‘The Punisher’ is canceled and can’t be moved to another network? What stories from the comics do you hope would get adapted for this series if it did happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Screen Rant