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Last March, it was announced that comic book creator Rob Liefeld had signed a “seven-figure” deal with Netflix to create a universe of superhero movies based on his titles ‘Brigade’, ‘Bloodstrike’, ‘Cybrid’, ‘Re:Gex’, ‘Bloodwulf’ and ‘Kaboom’.  He had previously worked with producer Akiva Goldsman in an attempt to bring the films to the big screen, but then the Netflix deal materialized and seemed like a perfect fit for both parties; it would allow Liefeld to make films based on his characters, while Netflix is hoping to bring Marvel-sized blockbusters to its streaming service.

But it appears that things have fallen apart.  As Liefeld recently tweeted:

So while Liefeld’s Extreme Universe won’t be streaming on Netflix, the concept isn’t dead.  It sounds as though the project has simply moved elsewhere, but that deal isn’t set in stone, so the creator didn’t reveal any more.

Liefeld created some of the most popular Marvel Comics characters of the last 30+ years including Deadpool and Cable, who have been brought to life by 20th Century Fox as part of their larger ‘X-Men’ franchise.  Those characters are expected to shift over to Disney once its acquisition of Fox is completed sometime this year.  Liefeld is now returning to Marvel to work on a new comic series, ‘Major X’, featuring another new creation.

Prior to his Marvel work, Liefeld worked for DC on ‘Hawk & Dove’ featuring two characters that are now in the spotlight thanks to DC Universe’s streaming series ‘Titans’.

With Marvel Studios doing so well at the box office, it’s possible that another studio has jumped at the chance to possibly develop their own shared universe of existing comic book characters.  It’s also possible that a different streaming service or TV network has wooed Liefeld away from Netflix.

Are you a fan of Liefeld’s Extreme Comics?  Where would you like to see these characters brought to life?

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