With it being the 14th Season and all, it is not that surprising to learn that ‘Supernatural’ will be celebrating its 300th episode very soon. What IS surprising, and very exciting for fans, is the fact that the 300th will also mark the return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka John Winchester, to the series, something fans have been wanting to see ever since he left at the end of Season 2.

Of course, it will most likely only be a one-episode cameo, but even that will be enough, as fans can finally have an episode will all four adult Winchesters (including their mother, returned from the dead as a gift for saving the world again a few seasons ago) reunited, something that, well, we honestly never thought we would see way back when the series began. To promote the big event, Entertainment Weekly recently ran a cover story about ‘Supernatural’s’ milestone episode, including a lengthy article with interviews with the cast and crew about the storyline.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly on how the episode works, producer Andrew Dabb explained:

“Our guys are put in a position where they essentially can have a wish granted. They’re actually expecting something else, but [John’s return] comes from a place of want by Dean. The need for closure is really want brings John back into their lives.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan told EW that he always wanted his coming back to have particular importance, especially since he left things so open with the guys when his character passed. In his words:

“The relationships between these three men were so open, so if I was going to come back, it would be nice to have some closure, especially with Sammy.”

Which ties in with Padalecki’s thoughts on the episode, stating, “The episode gives Sam a chance to forgive,” while Ackles felt:

“For Dean, the whole episode is a dream that he doesn’t want to wake up from. But he knows he has to.”

Morgan also went on to talk about his feelings on coming back, especially in light of how long Ackles and Padalecki have managed to stay on the show, and the fact that Ackles is now two years older than Morgan was when he first filmed the pilot for ‘Supernatural.’ Morgan said:

“That’s how full circle it all is. Like a father would be, I’m very proud of the guys. It makes me get choked up because they’ve done so well here. Episode 300? That’s unheard of.”

It must have been crazy for Morgan to be on set and see how far the series has come since its early days, and to see how Ackles and Padalecki have really grown into their roles over the years. While the plot seems to revolve around some wish-giving, reality altering craziness (it is ‘Supernatural’ after all), which will most likely have to be undone as the producers have said the return of John also brought back the angel Zachariah who has it out for the Winchesters, it will still be nice to see the character moments between John and Sam, and John and Dean, as the man has arguably had the biggest impact on the series (besides Bobby), and should prove for some meaningful moments.

Do you have any thoughts on Morgan’s return? Anything else on your wish-list for the 300th episode? Feel free to share in the comments below!