Alexandra Shipp Storm Dark Phoenix

Storm is one of the most important X-Men in the comics, but her role in the films has always been sort of in the background.  Obviously, the upcoming film, simply entitled ‘Dark Phoenix’, centers on Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), but expect Alexandra Shipp‘s Storm to evolve somewhat.  As Shipp declared at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix:

“Lots of new powers, lots and lots of new powers. It’s pretty cool. Obviously not new to Storm, but new to us as an audience, visually. She really does mess some people up. It’s pretty cool.”

Storm can control all aspects of weather, although she is usually shown only controlling the wind and hurling lightning bolts.  In the comics, she flies with ease, but that is a power that hasn’t been used frequently in the films, although Shipp’s Storm came the closest in the last movie, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

What will she be shown doing in ‘Dark Phoenix’ to crank things up?  We know the team will venture into outer space, so maybe she will have to use her mutant gifts to allow them to keep breathing after their space shuttle becomes damaged?  The possibilities are really endless.  Does she summon a brutal hail shower?  Tornadoes?  A tsunami?

‘Dark Phoenix’ is all-but-guaranteed to be the final ‘X-Men’ movie under the guidance of 20th Century Fox, as the studio and all its properties are being absorbed into Disney and its subsidiary Marvel Studios this year.  Marvel Studios hasn’t begun formulating plans for the ‘X-Men’ in their Marvel Cinematic Universe… yet.  But it is all but certain that they will start clean, and ditch all previous continuity.

Unfortunately, that means that this is probably the last outing as Storm for Shipp, which is too bad, as she is one of the strongest performers out of the new crop of film mutants.

Shipp herself will miss one aspect of portraying Storm:

“I just loved the fact that I didn’t have to shave my head again, even though I’ve been dying to shave my head again, you guys. I really liked taking showers and having the water hit my scalp, and how nice that felt… it’s so liberating.  And also, it’s a total breakdown of your femininity and allows you to show that as a woman, you’re not your hair. But I love that we’re kind of building that out, especially in Dark Phoenix, and you get to see a more natural side of her.”

Fans can get their last dose of Fox’s ‘X-Men’ when ‘Dark Phoenix’ opens on June 7 of this year.