James Cameron Says The Reason Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator Got Old Can Be Found In The First Film

Terminator: Dark Fate‘ is giving the “Terminator’ franchise a new lease on life with audience expectations quite high. One thing it is doing to bring fans into theaters is to call back to the original two films with the return of two original actors. However, we’ve all noticed that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character has aged in the movie and you might wonder why that is. Producer James Cameron provides a great answer to this question and it actually stems from the original 1984 ‘Terminator’ film.

According to Cameron:

“Sure. Absolutely. Look, it’s all in the first film – sweat, bad breath, everything. He’s a cyborg. The ‘org’ part is organic. There’s flesh over the outside. The bigger question is how something that’s got some kind of synthetic material that’s not flesh can come through the time field. But that’s another geek-out story for another time.”



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It is a quick answer and one that makes sense. Organic material ages and dies, the only real question is how they were able to produce a Terminator that can regrow this matter as it ages, to not quickly turn into a walking corpse. With that in mind, Cameron went on to explain a bit of that away as well!

“Yeah, no. He’s organic on the outside. He’s got to eat to support the organic part of his body. It might only be 30% of him by weight, but he definitely has human flesh. The science behind that is complete bullshit, but it’s a cool idea, right? I think the very first, and it’s in the movie, in the first movie, he’s actually got sort of gangrene, and his wounds are kind of rotting by the end of the film. When the guy pounds on the door and says, ‘Hey buddy, you got a dead cat in there?’ It’s like, he’s rotting. His human flesh is dying before it all gets burned off. So all biological systems are subject to age unless you were to specifically genetically tinker that out, which obviously they didn’t do. So his outer form ages. His inner form, his nuclear-powered endoskeleton or his power cell-powered endoskeleton, can run for… I think he says 120 years in movie two. So the flesh will die and fall off eventually, and then he’ll just be the endoskeleton walking around. A little harder to blend in at that point.”

While the Terminator from ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ did give its life to try and prevent the future from happening, we know that didn’t end up working exactly as planned. Now we just need to learn why this T-800 came back in time, why it is helping Sarah Connor, and what it has done to keep its figure all these years.

Are you looking forward to the release of ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’? Can you let go of reality enough to buy into the science which “is complete bullshit” to suspend your disbelief and get on board for the film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Cinema Blend