The Orville

It looks like The Orville crew could be in for some turbulence, at least as far as ratings are concerned. The Season Two premiere of ‘The Orville’ brought in lower ratings than the Season One premiere and have continued to drop, hitting an all-time low for the series.

‘The Orville’ features a crew led by Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and his first officer and ex-wife Commander Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki). The crew and the ship are tasked with exploring the universe and taking on a mission here and there. The series was quickly given a second season order from Fox, after fans became enamored with the show’s homage to ‘Star Trek.’

However, it would seem that the show has lost some of its luster. reported that the first episode of Season Two drew in 5.7 million total people in the 18-49 age demographic, which is down from the first season premiere. The next episode in Season Two then dropped to 2.8 million viewers, which is a series low. While these numbers do put ‘The Orville’ on the list of Fox’s lowest rated shows, the series did do well with delayed viewing, which is not taken into account for viewership numbers.

While we aren’t sure what exactly this means for the future of ‘The Orville,’ it is known that Fox is not afraid to cancel a series with a huge fan base if the numbers don’t make sense. However, in today’s entertainment world, if the ratings drop means the end of ‘The Orville,’ it is not outside the realm of possibility that Hulu or Netflix could pick the show up.

The next episode of ‘The Orville’ airs on January 10 on FOX. Here is a synopsis for the episode, titled ‘Home:’

Ed finds himself behind enemy lines when he crash-lands on a mysterious planet. Meanwhile, Kelly questions why Gordon wants to take the Command Test.