With CBS gearing up for the premiere of ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Season 2 next week, they are beginning to release more and more promotional material for the series to get fans excited (as though that was really all that necessary), the latest being a featurette all about the brand new Captain Pike, played this time around by Anson Mount. For those keeping count, this will be the third time the character was shown on screen with a new actor (I think), the first time being the pilot of the original ‘Star Trek’ series, and the second time being in the ‘Star Trek’ movie directed by J.J. Abrams which relaunched the franchise back in 2009.

The video, which you can watch below, looks into how ‘Discovery’ is incorporating Pike this time around, and the work he has cut out for him working with a crew that has little trust for captains in general due to the events of the first season of ‘Star Trek Discovery.’ From what the featurette seems to be suggesting, one of his primary tasks, aside from his overall mission of exploration, will be to bring the crew around to believe in both him and their overall mission once more. Of course, how this is all going to fit in with the overall story line, plus how the Enterprise, and Spock, and events leading up to the original series are all going to tie in is anybody’s guess, but with the premiere date of January 17th just around the corner, we will know the answers soon enough – IF you have CBS All-Access that is, as CBS still insists on keeping ‘Star Trek’ exclusive to their own streaming service, which sadly seems to be the trend nowadays.

Are you excited to see Pike on ‘Star Trek Discovery?’ Do you have any theories on how they might use him in the series? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

SOURCE: Comingsoon.net