John Cena Shares Why He Joined 'Bumblebee'

Many might think that actors would be thrilled to join a franchise like “Transformers” for the paycheck alone but that isn’t what had John Cena (‘Trainwreck’,’Blockers’) sign on the dotted line for ‘Bumblebee.’ The wrestler turned actor wanted to play a part that had him doing more than deliver laughs and really show off his acting chops. In the movie, he plays Agent Burns who has been tasked with tracking down the Autobot who has found his way to Earth. Burns is part of Sector 7 which was the top-secret agency introduced in the first “Transformers” film that Agent Simmons had worked for.

According to the actor:

“I’ve always wanted to show a little more dimension and play a conflicted character. What’s fun about doing a prequel is that we get to delve into the unanswered questions from the earlier movies. This takes place years before Sector 7 has become the established institution it is when we meet Agent Simmons in the first film. It was highly classified then, so you can only imagine how secretive it is 20 years earlier.”

It looks like when he was joining the cast that his audition had impressed director Travis Knight:

“John was something of a revelation for me. He is a terrific actor. I knew he was great with comedy, but this role calls for something different. His physical presence is undeniable, but he needed to show that he has empathy and heart as well.

To get into the role, Cena created a backstory for his character with what details he had to go on. The actor described him as “a lone-wolf military professional” and that “he will complete his mission at all cost and he brings a whole hell of a lot of equipment to do it.”

Outside of showing off his acting chops, Cena also shared that he was “still a 13-year-old deep down” and had a ton of fun making the film:

“Driving through the forest in a Humvee at full speed, skidding on roads six feet wide, looking down a cliff face from the shotgun seat, it was great. I always knew I was in good hands. Going the extra mile to give the moviegoer a period-correct experience with people who have actually done this for a living is intrinsically good for the movie. And on a personal note, it was absolutely stellar to have veterans on set.”

It sounds like Cena would be eager to reprise his role in the future if the “Transformers” continues to make any prequel films in the franchise.

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Source: Inquirer