Let’s be honest, most of us are pretty on the fence (no pun intended) about whether or not we are fully excited about ‘Jurassic World,’ as despite the director, cast, crew, PR and excellent trailers, we have been burned by this franchise before. But whether it be our fascination with dinosaurs or our belief that a sequel 3 times removed from the original might be able to re-ignite some of the magic of the original, we still keep coming back for more.

I was beginning to get excited for ‘Jurassic World,’ until the minute I hit play on this clip. While others have complained about the boring shots or lack of unique camera angles/movements, or about the schmaltzy look of Pratt running from the dinosaur,  I was much more turned off by the special effects of the clip. The D-Rex actually doesn’t look too bad (though for all its supposedly awesomeness, it seems a bit slow to me, being able to be outrun by Pratt. Couldn’t the T-Rex clock up to 35-40 mph?), but the effect of him running through the closing gate ruined the shot for me. It looks like bad Syfy movie of the week CGI, and I definitely did not expect that level of low-quality from ‘Jurassic World.’ Maybe somehow I had hoped that the director was going to attempt to do as many practical effects as possible, and am disappointed as something that could have been done practically (the impact of the dinosaur hitting a wall could have easily been faked on set with some demolitions), they instead opted to do it in post, resulting in the cheap, weightless, impact we see in the clip (at around 34 seconds in). Combine that with the lackluster action on scene (somehow I thought we’d see more from Pratt’s character than running and hiding, wasn’t this the guy who trained Velociraptors?), and this was not the best choice to get fans excited for the film.

All in all, not the greatest showing from the movie, but it could just be an isolated scene, and not reflect the quality of the movie as a whole. I’ll still retain some hope for ‘Jurassic World,’ but I will definitely not be in line for the midnight showing.

Source:  Collider