Mike Colter Luke Cage

Despite the cancellation of ‘Luke Cage’, star Mike Colter is still grateful to the devotion of fans and shares their optimism that the series may return later in a different manner.  He is also still slated to appear at New Orleans’ Wizard World this weekend.  But before that, he discussed the end of ‘Luke Cage’ and shared that, as an insider, the axing did not come as much as a surprise to him as it did fans.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Colter revealed:

“It kinda did catch me off guard. I don’t think I was as shocked as most people were because I was a little closer to it.  There were some things, some tell tale signs, that were not quite feeling right for me.  Although we had an internal pick up, amongst a certain amount of people who were close to the project, and we were moving forward with the… writers room, et cetera. There was a lot of stalling. There was a lot of things that didn’t feel quite right…  One deadline would come and it would go. Another deadline would come, it would go.  There were some things that started to feel a little odd.  So, when it happened, I was like, ‘Eh.’ It wasn’t that much of a shock. But yeah, still shock.”

While he appreciates the support of fans, he honestly disclosed that he didn’t expect their efforts to make a direct impact on whether or not Disney decides to revive the series.

“I don’t know that it’s something that fans can do, necessarily.  I think it’s a real network/studio thing. I think it’ll resolve itself, one way or the other. There just needs to be some time. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe that’s it. But I don’t think the fans… as much as the fans — the outpouring of the fans is very touching and well received and it’d be appreciated — I don’t think it’s gonna make anything happen, but it’s nice to know that. I think, ultimately, if it comes back, it’ll probably come back because of the fans demand for it. I don’t think that their work is going in vain. It just may not happen as soon as they want it to.”

Do Colter’s words ease the pain of losing ‘Luke Cage’ on Netflix?  How would you like to see the series revived?