Jon Bernthal

With the second season of ‘The Punisher’ likely being the last, thanks to Netflix canceling every Marvel Series after their most recent seasons, it is a bittersweet thought to wonder what the final season will be about. Thankfully, Jon Bernthal (‘The Walking Dead’) has opened up slightly as to what we can expect when Frank Castle returns with his one-man war on crime in January. The end of the first season put Castle in a place where he could feasible have retired from trying to kill every major criminal in New York City, but as we know, that isn’t in the hand which he’s been dealt.

As to why we’ll see Castle becoming The Punisher, Bernthal states:

“What he keeps finding is, anybody he gets close to there’s some sort of military slang term called a “shit magnet,” I think Frank finds himself being that. Everybody he comes close to starts to get hurt. He has to deal with the fact that it’s when he’s not on-mission when he’s not literally going after the worst of the worst, that’s when innocent people start to die. He has to grapple with that. This season he’s very much trying to figure out who he is. I don’t think he’s ever been a guy too concerned with finding peace of mind or finding harmony or finding love. He’s sadly kind of at home in the blackness and in the darkness.”

It sounds like we’ll see Castle stepping back once again from trying to stop criminals and that someone he has come in contact with is going to end up suffering or being killed because of it. At least, that’s how Castle will see it play out. Castle’s journey in the upcoming season will be how he deals with the trauma which he’s gone through from both being in the military and losing his family. We’ve seen how he has been dealing with it so far and it looks like taking out the trash is actually therapeutic for Frank. Or, at least, a distraction that keeps him from having to deal with the pain and loss which he has experienced:

“For a lot of folks, I think when you suffer trauma, to be on-mission, to have a direction, to have an enemy that you know of and to be in it with likeminded people, it provides some sort of quiet from the storm. The monsters start to come in the quiet and when you have nothing to fight for. No direction. Peace sometimes can be the most scary place for a lot of folks. When you change people’s circumstances, there’s nothing that will take place of this world that you’ve come to know. That’s a lot of what this season is about for Frank, is he keeps getting drawn into this fight and he’s still grappling with the idea of, “who is the real Frank Castle?” And is there any peace?”

Fans of the comic know that this kind of peace is something that Castle never finds and one would suspect that by the end of the second season he won’t have found solace in taking down Ben Barnes’ Billy Russo either who is likely returning as the criminal Jigsaw.

Are you looking forward to the second season of ‘The Punisher’? Do you feel that Netflix will cancel this as it has every other Marvel series after the currently filmed seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Cinema Blend