We’re finally getting a new animated “Transformers” movie and this one will focus on Cybertron and the history of where the Autobots and Decepticons came from. While we had an awesome shot at the planet at war in the opening scenes of ‘Bumblebee,’ there hasn’t been an extensive history shown in the live-action films. It isn’t clear if this new animated tale of The Transformers will be in line with the live-action movies as a spin-off prequel or instead be a new line of animated films that will give us an alternate take on everyone’s favorite Robots in Disguise.

The news came from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura who wasn’t too open on details quite yet. The pre-production of the project is probably still in its early stages and he wouldn’t share much past that it is an animated film that looks into the mythology of Cybertron and that “the fans will love that.” This is being hyped as something which fans will love and with having loads of praise being piled on for the G1 look of ‘Bumblebee,’ we’ll hopefully get more of a classic take on the visuals for this new movie.

With the animated film looking into the past and mythology of Cybertron, I wouldn’t expect many significant characters to be appearing as this will likely be set before the time of Optimus Prime. That being said, we’ve seen a few older Autobots shown in Michael Bay’s films, and if this is linked to the live-action universe, we could potentially see them return.

Are you eager to see a new animated Transformers movie? Is a focus on the history of Cybertron something that you’d want to see more of? Which Autobots or Decepticons do you think have a chance at appearing in this film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Metro