Optimus Prime

With ‘Bumblebee’ about to take the world by storm it shouldn’t be surprising that another “Transformers” icon might get their own spin-off film and producer Lorenzo Di Buenaventura was asked just that. Now, the likelihood of Optimus Prime getting his own film happening probably entirely depends on the box office returns of ‘Bumblebee’ but it sounds like the idea may have already been floated around. Honestly, it is hard to imagine that it hasn’t been before this.

According to Di Buenaventura:

“We hope so. Optimus Prime is a tricky one because he’s so wise and smart that is hard to decide how to create an emotional story around him”

Win or lose at the box office, ‘Bumblebee’ won’t be the last live-action entree into the series that we see as the producer makes it clear that “Yeah, we’re also gonna do a big Transformers movie as well.” What time period it is set in, what the Transformers end up looking like, and if it will be directly related to the Michael Bay films are all things that have yet to be touched on. The good news is that it sounds like the studio and production team might want to continue expanding on the ’80s look which ‘Bumblebee’ will deliver us and is something we can hopefully look forward to in the future as well!

I’m hoping that director Travis Knight was able to capture the magic of the original series and give it a fresh update with ‘Bumblebee,’ but we’ll have to wait and see how it resonates with audiences and critics alike.

Are you hoping that if ‘Bumblebee’ is good that we’ll get an ‘Optimus Prime’ movie? Assuming that more live-action “Transformers” movies are made would you prefer Michael Bay’s look to return or the ’80s style which Knight has brought to the table? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood