Star Trek: Discovery

With ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 set to hit CBS All-Access in the near future, fans are hungry for information about the new season of their beloved franchise, especially now that the Enterprise and its pre-Captain Kirk crew will be a part of the storyline. And with news coming out about cast additions Anson Mount (‘Hell on Wheels,’ ‘The Inhumans’) as Captain Pike and Rebecca Romijn (‘The Librarians,’ ‘X2’) as Number One, there is a lot of speculation about how the Enterprise and its original captain and crew are going to be utilized in the upcoming season. Plus, to make things even more interesting, TVLine recently released an exclusive photo which hints that there may be something more than respect for the Captain going on between Captain Pike and Number One, which should get a lot of fans interested.

Check out the photo for yourself:

Based on the position of Number One’s hand, fans are beginning to wonder if Pike and Number One are going to be shown having a romantic relationship during this time, something that the series might explore as the season progresses. It would be a bit of twist for hard-core fans, as the original series never officially stated that Pike and Number One had anything other than a professional relationship, though the two were only seen on-screen together in the unaired pilot episode titled ‘The Cage’ and the two-part flashback ‘The Menagerie.’ However, TVLine points out that the official ‘Star Trek’ database does say that Number One “harbored a secret attraction to the captain,” which goes along with the assumption many fans have after watching the original series episodes that there was something going on between Pike and Number One.

I suppose there is just no way to know until the series premieres, but until then, feel free to share your own theories and speculations in the comments below!