Future Man

The dramatic trailer for season 2 of ‘Future Man’ has been released. In the trailer, Eliza Coupe’s character Tiger speaks to a confused Josh (Josh Hutcherson), giving him one bleak message:

“Our mission failed.”

The sci-fi action-comedy returns to Hulu with a 13-episode second season on January 11 and brings back Derek Wilson’s character Wolf alongside Josh and Tiger. The trio will be joined by an ensemble of new characters, with one being played by the series executive producer, Seth Rogan. The existing characters seem to have undergone some changes, with Wolf now being called Torque and sharing a polygamous marriage with members of both sexes.

Executive producer Kyle Hunter revealed that most of Season 2 will take place in the year 2162, rather than focusing heavily on time travel like the first season. Hunter said:

“There’s some jumping around, but for the most part we really wanted to focus on them living in a certain future. We spent the bulk of the second season world-building, and putting them in some strange worlds and having them having to figure those out.… Josh is thrust into this future world, and he’s the fish out of water for the most part.”

In 2162, Josh, Wolf, and Tiger have discovered that their mission to stop the cure from getting out in Season 1 failed. In this new timeline, Stu Camillo has created the cure and is now in power and has launched a plan to send all of humanity to Mars. An organization called the Pointed Circle hopes to recruit Josh to take Stu down, but we aren’t sure if they can be trusted. Wolf finds himself getting used to the norms of their new timeline, while Tiger struggles with her identity.

‘Future Man’ Season 2 premieres on Hulu on January 11. Watch the trailer below!