The Full Title To The Men In Black Spin-Off Has Been Revealed

Sony’s new installment in the long-running ‘Men in Black’ franchise directed by F.Gary Gray and starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson has wrapped and is due in theaters in June.  It’s about time that fans learned a bit more about it… like the title. Well, here it is!  Sony has revealed that the new flick is entitled ‘Men in Black International’.  It was already known that Hemsworth’s Agent H and Thompson’s Agent M would take their adventures beyond the borders of the United States, so the new title isn’t a huge shock.

This revelation comes courtesy of Brazil’s Comic Con Experience (CCXP).  Collider is among the news outlets in attendance and they shared this photo of a booth from the ‘MIBI’ booth.  Because the convention is in Brazil, the sign is in Portuguese.  (It’s kind of interesting that they still use the “MIB” abbreviation, though.)

The new picture is an expansion of the ‘Men in Black’ brand, not a reboot or direct sequel.  Emma Thompson even returns as Agent O, establishing that Agents J and K are still out there somewhere in this world.  This is just an adventure featuring different characters.

Director Gray previously helmed another fun adventure movie, ‘The Italian Job’, as well as ‘The Fate of the Furious’ and the dramatic biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’.    His first film was the original ‘Friday’, a comedy classic.  He should have no problem balancing comedy and action, the way Barry Sonnenfeld did with the original three films.

Joining Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Emma Thompson are Rebecca FergusonKumail Nanjiani, Liam Neeson, and Rafe Spall.  Spall is playing a villain, while Nanjiani is playing an alien named Pawney.  Ferguson is said to be playing a “key role,” but beyond that not much is known.  Neeson’s role is also unknown.

‘Men in Black International’ will hit theaters on June 14, 2019.