battlestar galaticast

While the Cylons never did seem to have a plan, Tricia Helfer does and that is to celebrate the 15th anniversary of ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ by co-hosting the upcoming ‘Battlestar Galacticast’ podcast! This new podcast has been orchestrated by Syfy Wire and will see Helfer teaming up with Marc Bernardin to re-watch and comment on the entire series! This has not all happened before as it is the first time we’re seeing, or hearing as the case may be, any of the cast do a full rundown of the entire series on an episode by episode basis.

These two are planning to do not just a rewatch of the mini-series but the rest of the first season will also follow the first season of BST itself. On top of exploring the topics and discussing each episode, we’ll also see Helfer and Bernardin debate the themes. As a bonus, Helfer will be including some behind-the-scenes details from her time in filming the series.

While they have yet to announce who, it has also been revealed that other original members of the cast and crew will be making appearances to share their memories of crafting this iconic series.

You can listen to the trailer of the ‘Battlestar Galacticast’ below!

As to Helfer’s thoughts on returning to ‘Battlestar Galactica’?

“I’m excited to delve back into the BSG universe after so many years. To watch each episode and break it down like the viewers experienced it is a totally new experience for me as I never sat down and watched it simply from start to finish. Watching it now with Marc, who covered the series at the time for Entertainment Weekly, is giving me a whole new appreciation.”

Frak, I am excited to jump into listening to this podcast!

Will you be tuning in to the ‘Battlestar Galacticast’ when it debuts? Are you excited to see what Tricia Helfer and Marc Bernardin think of each episode of the series 15 years after it debuted? Share your thoughts in the comments below, so say we all!

The ‘Battlestar Galacticast’ kicks off on December 11th, 2018 on Syfy Wire!