Taraji P. Henson Discusses The Evolution Of Yesss In Ralph Breaks The Internet

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ introduced several new friends for Ralph and Vanellope, including the trend-making algorithm Yesss, voiced by Taraji P. Henson.  Yesss was in charge of promoting videos on BuzzTube, a skill that Ralph and Vanellope desperately need in order to acquire the steering wheel to the Sugar Rush arcade game which caused them to go to the Internet to begin with.

But according to Henson, her character evolved considerably from her earliest treatment in the script.

“I think, in the beginning, she read as a bit sort of… not mean, but a little cold, because she had to get it done. You know, it was all about the Internet, and sometimes the Internet can be a bit shallow. And I guess that’s how she was coming off. The second time they had me go into the studio, they softened her up a bit. Because, you can’t be a bully. We’re teaching not to be a bully, and you’re coming off as a bully, a little bit. A little bit of a mean girl. That’s how it changed, and I’m glad we took the time to develop her more.”

It seems the role of Yesss was tailor-made for Henson, whose most famous portrayal is as Cookie Lyon on the drama ‘Empire’.  Both characters love fur coats!  But while Cookie is a vixen, Yesss needed to be a bit friendlier.

Yesss is just one new friend introduced in ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’.  Vanellope bonded quite strongly with Shank, a racer in the game Slaughter Race, voiced by Gal Gadot.  Then there is KnowsMore, the search engine voiced by Alan Tudyk, that helps track down the steering wheel and later helps them stand against the zombie horde that suddenly emerges.  The seemingly shady Double Dan, voiced by Alfred Molina, also helps them navigate the Dark Web.

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ didn’t open as big as ‘Frozen’ but still did extraordinarily well, opening on Thanksgiving weekend and should continue to do well in the coming weeks.

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is now playing in theaters.

Source: Cinema Blend