The Flash

A new report has been released, providing fans with updates on the Flash solo film and the DC Entertainment universe overall.

The Hollywood Reporter released an article claiming that the Flash solo movie will take a much lighter tone in contrast to the ‘Flashpoint’ comics storyline from seven years ago. The article stated:

“’The Flash,’ which will finally begin production in early 2019 with Ezra Miller starring, has abandoned the somber themes it had been expected to tackle. The film now has the ‘Game Night’ team of John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein on board, and it’s looking to ‘Back to the Future’ as a touchstone.”

This change comes after some reorganization within Warner Bros.’ corporate offices. Geoff Johns will move from his executive role to do more writing and producing, and president Diane Nelson will not return from her leave.

The projects currently being developed under the DC umbrella will be affected by these changes as well. The Joker project starring Joaquin Phoenix is set to be directed by Todd Phillips and could be the debut of a new DC branding campaign called “DC Dark” or “DC Black.” This is perhaps in an effort to distinguish the more somber tones of the DC universe from new, more lighthearted projects.

It would appear that Walter Hamada, who is now in charge of DC projects at Warner Bros., is re-evaluating projects currently in development, and isn’t too keen about making announcements about projects spanning years into the future. A quote from the article reads:

“The exec, who successfully oversaw the ‘Conjuring’ movies at New Line, inherited a slate in disarray and has quietly spent months sorting through projects. “He walked into a shitshow, and he’s trying to clean it up,” says one insider familiar with the scene.”

‘The Flash’ solo film is set to begin production in early 2019 with star Ezra Miller and could be announced for a 2020 release at San Diego Comic-Con next month. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!