Rob Liefeld Pleads With Hugh Jackman To Reconsider Appearing In A Deadpool Movie

We can add another fan hoping for Hugh Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine for a “Deadpool” movie as the creator of Wade Wilson, Rob Liefeld, is now pleading with the actor to unsheath his claws one last time. Liefeld has been in the business for 33-years and based many aspects of his character around parts of Wolverine’s past and would love to see the two come together on the big screen. In fact, he even has a suggestion of which book to use!

Unsurprisingly, Liefeld is suggesting the 2-part issues of ‘Wolverine’ #154 and #155 which were released in 1988 as the basis for a possible film. In these books we see a mysterious bidder named The Watchtower putting out a contract on Wolverine. The mercenary who takes the job? None other than Deadpool himself! Things aren’t what they seem, but these two are far too busy fighting one another and can’t easily look into it right as the story picks up.

Here is what Deadpool’s creator had to say to Jackman:

Dear @thehughjackman just checking in to reassure you per your recent comments that, yes, fans absolutely desire on the deepest possible level of affection and excitement that we can collectively muster to see you return as Wolverine alongside Ryan as Deadpool. Being in the comic business for 33 years and speaking as someone who has crafted a few memorable encounters between Logan and Wade, I can guarantee and confirm an audience and a reaction like nothing you have ever before experienced!! Wolverine is my favorite character in the history of comics, he inspired every aspect of Deadpool’s creation!! Please give some consideration to unsheathing your claws for one more glorious adventure! #wolverine #deadpool #marvel p.s. please feel free to adapt directly from Wolverine #154-155 and feature The Administrator, The Watchtower! Unapologetically and unashamedly, your pal, Rob! #BiggerthanInfinityWar #robliefeld

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Sadly, unless Jackman agreed to do it now and Fox was able to get ‘Deadpool 3’ into production, this is a team up that will likely never happen. With Fox about to have all of its film rights head over to Disney, it will be up to Marvel Studios to make any final calls here. While Ryan will likely be able to continue playing the Merc with the Mouth for the foreseeable future with how much money his films make at the box office, it feels unlikely that they would greenlight the return of Jackman as Wolverine. Chances are the studio will be rebooting every aspect of mutantkind outside of those directly involved in Reynold’s films.

Would you be thrilled to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine appearing in ‘Deadpool 3’? Do you think that the embodiment of the cinematic version of the character will ever change his mind? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!