After great fan anticipation for what ‘District 9’ Director Neill Blomkamp could do with the ‘Alien’ franchise, we find that Ridley Scott is returning to the ‘Alien’ well with his follow up to ‘Prometheus.’ The news came from Blomkamp’s (unverified) Twitter account in which he said:

Ridley Scott’s sequel to loosely connected ‘Alien’ prequel ‘Prometheus’ will be much more connected to the Xenomorphs by merit of it’s new title ‘Alien: Paradise Lost.’ By Scott’s request, Blomkamp playing with these characters has been put on hold. This isn’t surprising. The studios don’t want to overload audiences with Alien movies until they prove their modern earning potential and Scott has more juice than Blomkamp who is coming off a downturn since ‘District 9.’ Blomkamp’s Matt Damon starring ‘Elysium‘ had mixed reviews and under performed and his lastest film, ‘Chappie‘, did even worse. Scott’s library of classics and ‘Alien’ legacy easily make him the go-to for this series. Besides, Scott is coming off the success of ‘The Martian.’

Fans could hope that their enthusiasm for the concept art that Blomkamp released in January might encourage Scott to use some of those ideas. I’d love to see a collaboration in which Blomkamp was a consultant on visual style, but that might be a long shot. Scott clearly has his own vision moving forward. Blomkamp faithfuls may just have to wait for the “other things” he claims to be working on. The safest bet for him is probably ‘District 10,’ the sequel to the movie that put him on sci-fi lover’s radar.

Who would you rather see take the reigns of ‘Alien’? What do you hope for Neill Blomkamp’s next project?