A “confidential” call sheet from the set of ‘Titans’ has been leaked and reveals a bit about what to expect from the upcoming series.  You’ll notice that the header uses a fake name, ‘Freebirds’ but the other information on the sheets leaves no doubt as to what series they are really from.  This call sheet is for Episode Eight, for which we don’t know the name yet.  Although it was previously hinted, the first thing this call sheet reveals is the presence of Bruce Wayne on the series.  While no actor is listed for Bruce, there is a scene set in his penthouse.  It’s possible that his ward Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) is simply using Wayne’s Gotham City penthouse in his absence.  In the comics, Wayne/Batman has two residences.  Most famous is stately Wayne Manor, the mansion outside of city limits, plus a pied de terre in the heart of the city.  If Bruce is set up at Wayne Manor or is busy travelling, it would make sense for Dick to use the penthouse which sits atop the Wayne Foundation building.


Reed Birney
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Next, there is the call for actors.  Reed Birney (‘House of Cards’, ‘The Blacklist’) is listed as “Messenger.”  This was a role that was previously solicited and it is known that Episode Six is actually titled “The Messenger.”

Here is the previously released character description:

[THE MESSENGER] Male, 50s-60s, Open ethnicity. Outwardly a warm and kind presence, he doesn’t seem the type to be powerful or malicious. But he has the ability to turn on a dime and be the most terrifying man you have ever met. Seeking offer only names/recognizable faces…RECURRING GUEST STAR.”

Besides Birney, the call sheet list most of the program’s stars– Thwaites, Teagan Croft as Rachel (a.k.a. Raven), Anna Diop as Kory (Starfire) and Ryan Potter as Gar (Beast Boy).  The sheet also calls for Rachel’s double, Carleigh Beverly, so there will be a stunt of some kind involving Raven.

You’ll notice below that Rachel has a bedroom at Wayne’s penthouse.

Intriguingly, other scenes are set in an asylum.  Specific locations listed are for Subterranean Tunnels, Kory’s Surgical Bay, Gar’s Room, Kory’s Room, Dick’s Cell, and Grounds.

‘Titans’ will be offered exclusively on Warner Brothers’ upcoming DC Comics based streaming service.  It’s unknown what its name will be or when it will launch, but with convention season coming up, expect a lot more news to be released.

Source: Comic Book Movie