Good news for ‘Sailor Moon’ fans!  The stage musical production, ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Super Live’ is coming to the US next year!  Specific details, such as theaters, pricing, etc. are unknown, but the show will be presented in New York and Washington DC.  The news of ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Super Live’ coming to America, was announced via the show’s official website and was also announced at Kodansha Comics at AnimeNYC 2018 on Saturday.

For the US shows, a new poster was released, which you can check out below:

‘Sailor Moon’ premiered in manga form in 1991, was quickly adapted into an anime which was marketed around the world, becoming a sensation.  It remains to this day, the most famous “magical girl” anime in the world.  The original series focused on clumsy, immature Usagi (Serena in the US) who learns that she has the ability to turn into a powerful champion for justice.  With her Sailor Scouts– mousy intelligent Ami/Amy/Sailor Mercury, the hot-headed Rei/Raye/Sailor Mars, Makoto/Lita/Sailor Jupiter, and Minako/Mina/Sailor Venus– she must battle to save the Earth from Queen Beryl and other would-be conquerors.  Sailor Moon and the Scouts are frequently accompanied by Tuxedo Mask and the wise talking cats Luna and Artemis.  Later they are joined by Sailor Chibi Moon, who is secretly Usagi/Serena and Tuxedo Mask/Mamaru/Darien’s daughter from the future.

The ‘Sailor Moon’ anime is available to watch now on Hulu.