Titans Robin

Jason Todd (Curran Walters) made his debut on ‘Titans’ in the nick of time on last week’s episode “Together,” saving Dick Grayson’s (Brenton Thwaites) bacon with his timely arrival at the lair of the… bad… guy.  (Does that guy even have a name?)  What happens next?

A new video clip has been released and while it doesn’t take place immediately after the last episode, it obviously occurs shortly after the fireworks, as both Robins drag… that unnamed bad guy (or at least his body) to the waiting station wagon in an otherwise empty parking garage.  While they do their dragging, the two Robins exchange pleasantries.  Obviously, Dick is startled that there is a new Robin to begin with.  As Jason reveals, though, not only has he adopted the role, but he has nothing but respect for Dick and that, of course, Bruce Wayne knows where he is.

Check out the banter between these “bros” below:


In the comics, Jason Todd is known for being the most tragic Robin, what with having died and all.  He is also more ruthless and angry than his fellows.  But on ‘Titans’, it seems that he is all chill, all the time.  And from the sound of things, Batman doesn’t sound like the brutal jerk that Dick has made him out to be.

The next episode of ‘Titans’ is entitled “Jason Todd,” so expect a lot of revelations about Dick’s past and more information about Batman than we’ve already been given.  “Jason Todd” will be the seventh episode, so after that, there will only be five more episodes of the first season.  Luckily, ‘Titans’ has already been renewed for a second season.  As for this season, last episode finally saw the core team together and using their powers in tandem.  It’s been a slow burn, but hopefully the rest of the season will move a bit quicker.

New episodes of ‘Titans’ are available each Friday on DC Universe.

Source: Heroic Hollywood