Executive Producer Simon Kinberg has shared that the new ‘Twilight Zone‘ was inspired by ‘Black Mirror’ which really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The now Netflix-produced hit ‘Black Mirror’ shares many of the traits found in the original ‘Twilight Zone’ about a dark near future which humanity has helped to create. While we did see more aliens and external forces pop up in the original ‘Twilight Zone,’ it is hard not to see how the two shows don’t compliment one another. While Kinberg wouldn’t confirm an episode account for the new ‘Twilight Zone’ series which is set to debut on CBS All Access, he did have a few details that fans will enjoy reading about!

Kinberg and Jordan Peele are having “a great time” putting together their vision of the upcoming shows. He also hopes that audiences will feel that the series is “cool and different and edgy and, like the original show, has social relevance. So it is socio-political and tackles big themes, but in fun, science-fiction genre-y ways — the same way ‘Get Out’ did.” He was also quick to stress that ‘Black Mirror’ was clearly an inspiration and not competition for what they had in mind.

There was also a fun bonus about potential casting for the upcoming series which likely doesn’t hurt to have both Kinberg and Peele’s involvement. Due to this being an anthology series which will have a short shooting schedule per episode, there are also a ton of film actors who would love to make an appearance. While it would be nice to see ‘Twilight Zone’ help bring some new talent to audiences everywhere, it wouldn’t help to include some potential larger names as well to attract viewers.

One can’t help but wonder if Kinberg could talk Ryan Reynolds or James McAvoy into appearing. We already know that McAvoy would be thrilled to play a younger Picard for CBS All Access’s upcoming series based on Jean-Luc and having him appear here too could be a great bonus for fans of his work. Speaking of Picard, Patrick Stewart would be another fan-favorite that would be fitting to make an appearance.

Are you excited for ‘Twilight Zone’ to hit CBS All Access or are you still not bought in on another subscription service? What actors would you like to see potentially make an appearance on the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Collider