With the Batmobile being shown off in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ it should be no surprise that we’re getting a look at Wayne Manor too, only is that the Gotham Police pulling up to the building?

These latest images and video show off not only what Wayne Manor is going to look like in the upcoming film but it would appear that there is trouble in paradise brewing as well. Are these officers here to help check out an alarm that goes off at Bruce’s estate or are they here to try and track down a certain caped crusader?

First up though let us take a look at Wayne Manor pre-CGI changes that will most likely end up happening!

So that is a pretty beat up looking house. Will CGI be used to clean it up or make it larger? It’s hard to say. However, one rumor has Bruce living on a cabin above the Batcave to control his drones. However, the image included in tweet above gives more credibility to the rumor is that Jeremy Irons’ trailer is there and the man to be Alfred Pennyworth has been seen on the set. Not only has Irons’ trailer been spotted, but it is apparently labeled with Alfred on it. Trailers with the labels Lois and Chuck were also seen and one has to wonder who exactly this Chuck may be.

There is a rumor floating that Chuck is the mystery role that Callan Mulvey (‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘,’300: Rise of an Empire ‘) was cast for. We may have to wait awhile before finding out for sure.

Trailers and some day shots of Wayne Manor aside, you have to wonder what else can be going on here? Well the police are sure to be involved if nothing else from the following video and images:

What kind of trouble could really be going on at Wayne Manor? If anything, since Lois has a trailer there, I bet she tries to break in, alarms go off, and that is when the police are summoned.

What is your theory on why Gotham’s finest are heading out to check on Wayne Manor? Who do you think this Chuck character is going to end up being?

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