FOX has finally released a trailer for ‘Gotham’ Season 5, which is set to premiere on the network on January 3rd, 2019, and cap the 5 season story of young Bruce Wayne finally taking his place as the Dark Knight of Gotham City and reigning in the insane villains who have been taking root throughout the run of the series.

Sadly though, the trailer itself (along with a couple of other promos for the new season) do not actually feature any footage of Bruce in the cape and cowl of Batman. Many fans are starting to speculate that the series may follow in the footsteps of ‘Smallville‘ and not have its hero don the iconic costume until the final episode when he fully embraces his destiny. Personally, I hope ‘Gotham’ does not follow this route but instead lets us see Bruce become Batman a little earlier than that so we can see him in action mopping up some of these villains and restoring some semblance of sanity, which you could argue is what we have been waiting for since the series began, With a final season episode count of only 13, they may only have time for a brief Batman montage at the end.

The trailer itself reminds us where the show left off at the end of Season 4, with Gotham City a ruin of its former self, cut-off from the outside world, and giving us shots of the show’s version of Bane and the rest of the cast as they take their sides in the war to save the city. You can check it out below, along with the aforementioned promos, and then feel free to share your thoughts on the final season of ‘Gotham,’ the lack of Batman in the trailer (and when you think he will show up in the final Season), the look of Bane, and whatever else you may have opinions on, in the comments section below the videos!

And here’s the synopsis for the final season:

GOTHAM will witness the emergence of the criminal landscape for which Gotham City is best known, with JIM GORDON (Ben McKenzie) and HARVEY BULLOCK (Donal Logue) at the forefront of the fight against the most depraved and unhinged villains. While Gotham City fights for normalcy, a new hero will rise, as BRUCE WAYNE (David Mazouz) begins to assume responsibility for the city’s well-being. As the city sinks deeper into chaos, GOTHAM will continue to follow the evolving stories of the city’s most malevolent villains: THE PENGUIN (Robin Lord Taylor); EDWARD NYGMA/the future RIDDLER (Cory Michael Smith); SELINA KYLE/the future CATWOMAN (Camren Bicondova); BARBARA KEAN (Erin Richards), TABITHA GALAVAN/TIGRESS (Jessica Lucas) and BUTCH GILZEAN (Drew Powell). The series also will catch up with the future POISON IVY (Maggie Geha), who, after an encounter with a monster from Indian Hill, finds herself reborn as a young woman who’s harnessed the full power of her charms.