Spider-Man Stan Lee

It has been quite a tumultuous week for the True Believers out there with the passing of the beloved comic-book writer, Stan Lee. Fans around the world have poured out their hearts on social media, mourning the loss of a cultural icon who gave so much to the world of film, television, and of course, comic books. Of all of the characters that Stan Lee helped create over the years, arguably one of the most beloved and enduring has to be Spider-Man, a fact that Lee himself commented about on occasion, which is why the Twitter account for the ‘Spider-Man’ films took the time to create and post a tribute to the man who created their titular character:


The video starts with Lee talking about how beloved Spidey is around the world:

“I think the thing I’m proudest of regarding creating the Spider-Man universe is the fact that people of all ages seem to love Spider-Man. And more than that, he’s international. When I travel, any country I go to people know Spider-Man and they come over to me and they’re so warm and friendly and all they want to do is talk about Spider-Man. Well you can just imagine if you’ve spent your life working on something and you find out that the fans love what you have done and can’t wait to meet you at a convention to tell you how pleased they are with everything you’ve done and to thank you for what you’ve written and done for them creatively, it’s an experience. I can’t even describe how wonderful that feels and how grateful that makes me feel.”

Lee’s interview is then followed with the simple quote spoken by the man during his cameo in ‘Spider-Man 3’ about one person actually being able to make a difference, ending with a montage of action shots from the 6 current ‘Spider-Man’ movies showing off the character that Stan created and championed over the years.

Stan Lee guided Spider-Man through numerous live-action and animated television projects, many runs of the comics, and of course the movies, doing his best to maintain the integrity of the character who represented everything that Stan brought to the comic book industry, and whose legacy is only dwarfed by the legacy of the man who created him.