When Angelina Jolie announced that her next film would be the Disney production of ‘Maleficent,’ the film already looked like it had enough star power to bring in movie goers. But add in Elle Fanning and you’ve just upped your star level.

Twitch has announced that Elle Fanning is currently in negotiations to star opposite Jolie as Princess Aurora to Jolie’s Maleficent. Fanning is no amateur to starring opposite A-list talent as she was recently seen with Matt Damon in ‘We Bought a Zoo’ and she’s certainly considered a hot commodity as she’s worked with a list of impressive directors such as Cameron Crowe, J.J. Abrams (‘Super 8’), Francis Ford Coppola (‘Twixt’) and Sophia Coppola (‘Somewhere’). The move to cast Fanning is a smart one for Disney execs as she does have the pull to bring the younger demographics into the theaters.

This post modern deconstruction of the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ fairy tale told in view of Evil Queen Maleficent is hoped to bring Disney the same success as the Broadway hit ‘Wicked.’ The sheer innocent look of Fanning will play well against Jolie’s evil Queen.

‘Maleficent’ will be the directorial debut for Robert Stromberg who is better known as the production designer for films like ‘Avatar’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (where he won a Oscar for Best Art Direction) and ‘Oz the Great and Powerful.’ His resume hints that this production will at least be visually impressive.

If the casting goes through, it looks like this project will be moving rather quickly to get started on filming. Filming is slated to begin in London sometime in June.  It wouldn’t be surprising if execs were looking at getting the film into theaters some time next year.

The only question now is since Fanning is only 14 years old, who would play her Prince? Let me know who you’d think would be perfect to wake this Beauty from her slumber in the comments below!