Titans Saga Batman

SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up with DC Universe’s ‘Titans’ you may want to back away now, as this article contains what may be considered SPOILERS.

In last week’s episode of ‘Titans’, for the first time, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire learned that emo frontman Dick Grayson was actually Robin, the famous sidekick.  Impressed, Beast Boy utters “I’d like to meet Batman.”  Dick smirks and replies “No.”

Many saw this as a meta announcement to fans who wondered of the Dark Knight would ever show up on ‘Titans’, with Dick’s firm response indicating that viewers shouldn’t hold their breath.  But now that the first season of ‘Titans’ is half-way complete, DC Universe has released a new animated video clip, narrated by Dick Grayson himself, Brenton Thwaites.  This narration seems to come from the future as this Grayson is looking back on the formation of the team, something that has finally happened on the show.  Amid the smoke-like shifting forms is the most famous silhouette ever.  Watch the video below:


And here is a freeze frame of the Batman image, courtesy of Heroic Hollywood:

While viewers may not get to see Batman in the flesh, ‘Titans’ has doubled down on Robins, as Jason Todd entered the picture in last week’s episode and will play an even larger role in this week’s episode, which happens to be entitled ‘Jason Todd’.

Before Dick can reunite with The Titans, he reluctantly teams with Jason Todd (recurring guest star CURRAN WALTERS), the new Robin, to catch a serial killer targeting performers from Dick’s surrogate circus family from when he was a member of the Flying Graysons. But Jason’s perspective on Bruce Wayne forces Dick to reexamine the truth behind their falling out.

Guest Cast: Curran Walters as Jason Todd, Reed Birney as The Messenger, Lester Speight as Clayton Williams and Kyle Mac as Nicolas Zucco.

New episodes of ‘Titans’ are offered each Friday on DC Universe.