Titans Jason Todd

Last week saw the introduction of the Doom Patrol to the world the series ‘Titans’ is currently building, and it seems the show is not stopping there, as this week they are expanding even further by introducing one of Dick Grayson’s “siblings” in the Bat-family, the controversial (and some would say doomed) Robin whose real name is Jason Todd, who is played by Curran Walters.

Brought in to replace Dick Grayson in the series after his estrangement from Batman, new photos from this week’s upcoming episode show Jason Todd meeting up with Dick Grayson and sporting his very own Robin costume, which does make one wonder how much longer Dick Grayson will wear that Robin outfit himself before switching over to Nightwing. According to reports, in the episode, it seems that Dick feels that Batman is being overly controlling and more or less brainwashing his new protege, which Jason does not agree with Dick about, which will cause some tension between the two characters.

Of course, Jason might not last that long if his time as serving as Robin in the comics is any indicator, as he famously was killed by the Joker (after DC let fans vote on the fate of the new Robin, who had not been received very well by audiences), and the label had left the character dead for decades before finally resurrecting him and bringing him back as a new costumed character known as the Red Hood, initially a villain out to get Batman and the Bat-family.

While it might be interesting to see Jason get similar treatment on ‘Titans,’ that might put a little too much emphasis on Batman and the Bat-Family, so my guess is they probably have another plan in mind for Jason Todd for the moment, though seeing him disappear and come back with a vengeance against Dick Grayson could be an interesting story-line down the road (like a few seasons down the road), but I am just not sure the showrunners are really planning that far ahead.

Check out the new photos from this week’s episodes featuring Jason Todd below, and share your thoughts and any theories you might have about how they plan on using the new Robin in the comments section below!