Fans of the 1985 cult classic film ‘Explorers‘ might have news to be excited about as it looks like a reboot of the film is headed to the small screen! And it won’t be just a reboot as the showrunners plan to expand the story in an ongoing series!

Paramount Television has put together the writing team of Cary Fukunaga (‘True Detective’,’Maniac’) and David Lowery (‘A Ghost Story’, ‘Pete’s Dragon’) to bring this classic Joe Dante film to life for a pilot episode that hasn’t officially been greenlit for filming at this time. It is hard to imagine which modern actors are going to be able to replace the classic work which Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix had delivered to us.

Fukunaga and Hayden Kiessling of Parliament of Owls, Lowery, James Johnston and Toby Halbrooks of Sailer Bear Prods, and Erik Luke who wrote the original film are all executive producers for this series.

Outside of the script for the pilot episode, we know that Fukunaga and Lowery will also pen the overall bible for the show to guide it throughout the first season. One of these two famed creators will also direct the pilot episode if it is officially picked to be filmed.

There probably won’t be a quick timeline for this production as Fukunaga is slated to direct the 25th James Bond film next while Lowery recently agreed to direct ‘The Green Knight.’

The original ‘Explorers’ followed Ben Crandall who is a young teen that has a recurring dream about a blueprint after falling asleep to the science fiction aliens from movies that were released in the 1950’s which he loves. After he was able to draw it, a friend of his who is a child prodigy named Wolfgang Muller offers to help make it for him. The duo team up with Darren Woods are able to build a spaceship powered by the circuit board which Ben had dreamed about.

This base plot will provide the foundation for the upcoming series.

Are you excited for a new take of ‘Explorers’ being set as an ongoing series? Do you think that telling the story in this format would be the perfect vehicle to expand the original premise or was a self-contained movie the way to go? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline Hollywood