Chris Claremont Wishes That Jean Grey Had "Stayed Dead"

In the recent pages of Marvel, we’ve seen Jean Grey rise from the ashes one more time and again ready to tackle the world, seemingly having made a disconnect from the Phoenix Force in the process. However, Chris Claremont wishes that Jean had “stayed dead” and if there is anyone whose opinion on mutantkind we should listen to, it is Claremont. The writer didn’t just make more of an impact on the X-Men than any other so far but was also responsible for the entire “Dark Phoenix” arc.

Here are his thoughts on Jean staying underground:

” I would have been much happier if she’d stayed dead because … the other X-Men suddenly realized we are mortal. We are not protected by the fact that we’re all copyrighted and trademarked.”

The idea of death is a revolving door for mutants and something that has even frequently joked about in recent years.

You can watch the full interview where he expands on this opinion below:


It looks like once he became aware that John Byrne was bringing her back, it was too late to try to appeal to the creative heads at Marvel to let her stay dead. Fans have been unsure how to handle this resurrection as we’re only at the start of ‘X-Men: Red.’ We can’t help but wonder how her return will play into the larger world of the X-Men as well as if the Phoenix Force has left her for good. There is a lot of potential for being able to examine a Jean without Scott when it usually has been the other way around in the past. Also, newer fans might know of Jean Grey but not truly understand her character or the legacy which she represents. The flip side is that they once more have brought back a character whose arc had come to a satisfying close and likely should have stayed as Claremont intended.

Do you agree with Chris Claremont that Jean Grey should have stayed dead? Are you enjoying the start of this new X-Men series and find it refreshing that Jean is back now that Scott is gone? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Syfy