Kevin Feige

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have come to know and love the end-credit scenes and now Kevin Feige is sharing the two reasons why he loves that they’re included in the movies. While one is, of course, to tease upcoming films, it is the second reason that proves more interesting.

Inserting end-credit scenes or even outtakes get audiences to not just stay through the credits but keep their eyes on the screens and see how much talent goes into each of these creations.

Kevin was recognized at the 2018 Britannia Awards this year for his ongoing contributions to worldwide entertainment and on the fan side of things he shared why end credit scenes are included:

“Movies bring people together, but they also bring people together behind the scenes. At Marvel Studios, we’ve been putting a scene after the end credits in all of our films since the very beginning. The fans love it; it’s a tease of something to come.”

However, Feige has another reason that he loves to be able to include them:

“But the real bonus is that the audience is going to sit there and look at all the names of the hundreds of thousands of people who work so hard to bring these movies to life. That really inspired me as a kid, to see all those names and I hope it inspires people today.”

I’m sure the cast and crew all love having more opportunities to have their work highlighted to audiences with these inclusions. On top of this, it is another area which could help inspire those who are interested in working in the industry.

Do you feel that the end credit scenes have you looking at all those who were involved in creating Marvel’s films? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Comic Book