What We Do In The Shadows

The new ‘What We Do in the Shadows‘ is coming and two new teasers are out to introduce the vampires to the world. These teasers are titled “Cash or Credit” and “Fingers.” We know that the new series will take place in the same world as the film, but it isn’t clear if there will be any cameos.

You can watch a vampire having to make a purchase in “Cash or Credit” right here when we learn that “Immortality pays”:


And while crossing fingers may be a good thing, don’t do it around vampires:


Of the series, writer and producer Paul Simms has previously stated:

“We wanted the idea that the vampires had been — maybe 200 years ago — sent to conquer America, but had sort of lost their way and forgotten…They’d gotten to New York, and that’s where the boat dropped them off, and they never went any further and before they knew it, a lot of time had passed.”

The main focus of the series will be that the vampires become aware that “an ancient leader vampire named the Baron is coming to pay them a visit from abroad, purportedly to see how conquering America is going.”

President of originals at FX Nick Grad also commented:

“What We Do in the Shadows only gets better with age thanks to this brilliant adaptation for television by co-creators Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. Their feature version was a hilarious, fresh take on the mundanity of everyday life that even immortals must face. We are thankful to them, Paul Simms and Scott Rudin, and this amazing cast for taking us deeper into the shadows with this series.”

What did you think of these two teasers for ‘What We Do in the Shadows’? If you watched the original film, do you think that this captures the spirit of it for a new set of viewers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!