We’ve now seen a couple episodes of ‘Once Upon A Time’. So let’s meet the cast of the new ABC hit series! Do you see some familiar faces?

Emma Swan: played by Jennifer Morrison (‘House’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Warrior’), is a bail bondsman who was found by a boy named Henry, whom she had given up for adoption 10 years prior. Emma was abandoned by the side of the road as a newborn, and Henry is convinced she is the Emma to save Storybrooke from the curse of no more happy endings.

Mary Margaret Blanchard – Snow White: played by Ginnifer Goodwin (‘Big Love’, ‘Robot Chicken’, ‘Mona Lisa Smile’), is the classic tale of Snow White, and a teacher in our world. She has taken Henry under her wing, recognizing that he is special, and feels pity for him for being lonely. In Story Time, she is married to Prince Charming, and has a daughter named Emma who has escaped the curse.

The Evil Queen – Regina: played by Lana Parrilla (‘Lost’, ’24’), is the Mayor of Storybrooke and the adopted mother of Henry. In Story Time, she is also the Evil Queen, who has brought a curse upon the kingdom so they no longer have happy endings, which is her happy ending. Regina is strict, and wants the best for Henry, but is very rough around the edges.

John Doe – Prince Charming: played by Josh Dallas (‘Thor’, ‘The Decent Part 2’, ‘Doctor Who’), is a coma patient in Storybrooke. In Story Time, Prince Charming was wounded, possibly fatally, when the curse was brought upon the kingdom, rushing Emma to safety. He is wed to Snow White, and has promised that he will always find her.

Henry Mills: played by Jared Gilmore (‘Wilfred’, ‘Mad Men’), is the adopted son of Regina. Emma Swan is his birth mother, and after stealing Mary Margaret Blanchard’s credit cards has gone to find her. He has brought Emma back to Storybrooke, so that she can have the final battle against the Evil Queen and bring Storybrooke back to it’s correct time with its happy endings.

Rumplestiltskin – Mr. Gold: played by Robert Carlyle (‘Stargate Universe’, ’28 Weeks Later’, ‘The Tournament’), can predict the future. In our time, he owns the town. In Story Time, he is in the dungeons, and had given warning to Snow White that Emma would be the one to save them from the curse on her 28th birthday.

In a recent article from TVLine, Emmy winning actor Richard Schiff will be joining the cast as Snow White’s father as well! You might remember Richard Schiff from ‘Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior’, ‘The West Wing’ and ‘The Cape’.

So what do you think of the cast? Are you impressed with this show or are you still a little skeptical?

The show airs tonight on ABC at 8/7c. If you missed the first couple episodes you can read our recaps here:

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