RUMOR ALERT: This information is just RUMORS for now, so take this with a grain of salt.

A few weeks ago, rumors surfaced that Jack O’Connell (‘Godless’) was being eyed to star in Matt Reeves‘The Batman’, but that report was almost immediately refuted by Warner Brothers who insisted that the script was still being fine-tuned.  Reeves stated that he hoped to begin filming in spring or summer 2019, which led to some assuming that ‘The Batman’ would be released in 2020.  But the latest buzz is that this was wishful thinking and even a 2021 release is a “best case scenario’.

According to Bill “Jett” Ramey of Batman-On-Film (via Revenge Report), there is no actual “delay.”  Reeves had only stated that he “hoped” to begin production in spring or summer.  Warner Brothers never scheduled a release date for ‘The Batman’.  What’s more, Warner Brothers isn’t concerned with scheduling a release date and rushing to meet it.  Instead, they want to spend as much time as needed to make sure the script– by Reeves and Mark Bomback– is just right.

After the recent disappointments at the box office, there is a lot riding on ‘The Batman’.  Let’s not gloss over the fact that a lot of folks are burnt out on mediocre DC movies (to put it mildly) and are expecting it to suck.  So they want everything about ‘The Batman’ to be just perfect.  (Of course, there is such a thing as over-working a project.)

Virtually nothing about the script for ‘The Batman’ has been revealed– no villain, no storyline.  The only certainty appears to be that it focuses on a younger hero at the start of his career.

So until the script is where Warner Brothers wants it, don’t expect any scheduling or casting to take place.

What do you think?  Are you concerned that ‘The Batman”s future is so uncertain?  Or relieved that Warner Brothers is taking its sweet time?